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2024 Big Plans Calendar
2024 Wall Calendar + Original Artwork + Support a Cause​
Help Wonder raise $2 million for causes with shared values and $1 million in scholarships and grants for home-educated highschool seniors
$2 Million for Causes

Our Big Plans Calendar is a 3-in-1, year-at-a-glance wall calendar to help keep your family’s plans in order. Write, doodle, stamp, or make note of key dates for the year. On one side is the calendar, and the other side features original artwork from a local artist, so you can display the wall art once the year is over. A Wonder Original.

Wonder donates 50% of the profit from each calendar purchased on this page to support The Conservative Caucus.


This calendar will be a beautiful and practical addition to your home or office, highlighting important dates and providing a quick glance to reference the day, week, or month of the year. This 12-month calendar starts at January 2024 with highlighted weekends for quick reference and no holidays are listed.

Once the year has ended, you can choose to turn the oversized calendar around to display the artwork as a framed or unframed poster, use the artwork in a scrapbook, or apply any other repurposed or upcycled use.

Because Wonder is about inspiring a love of learning, we thought it only fitting to include an element of learning in the artwork, through an anatomy series for each year while focusing on a biblical passage.

Joy and Isaiah 55:12 are the inspiration for this year’s calendar artwork and Wonder theme. What better way to demonstrate joy than by featuring the dandelion? It’s a beautifully abundant plant, representing the lively joy of children through the generations. This particular artwork is reminiscent of the vintage and historic anatomy design of the dandelion’s growth cycle.

Christine Wheeler is not only a watercolor painter and eclectic creator; her husband, Bryan, and herself were homeschooled through high school, and they now home educate their own three boys in colorful Colorado. Christine creates beautiful, meaningful, biblical, and whimsical hand-drawings and paintings. The Wheeler family is actively involved with a fully operational family ranch, music lessons, artistic endeavors, and a wonderful community of homeschooled friends.

Size: 22″ H x 28″ W
(Frame not included)

80 lb. Paper
Printed Front and Back

Designed and Printed in the USA

Permanent markers will bleed through paper if used on calendar.


This item is a preorder. After the close of preorder sales, orders will be packaged and shipped to arrive at your shipping address between January 2-8, 2024.


 This item is a preordered item and may not be returned.

The Conservative Caucus (TCC) was founded in 1974 and today is still the only uncompromising defender of American liberty in the United States.

TCC works towards its mission of defending liberty and promoting constitutional values through:

  • Grassroots Mobilization – TCC plans to identify, educate, and mobilize patriotic Americans in our Mobilization Campaign to help combat the radical socialist agenda that is doing tremendous damage to America.
  • Educational Programs – It’s up to TCC to dig up the truth and report it to millions of patriotic Americans who will NEVER hear it from the mainstream leftist news media. That means lots of staff time, researching, writing, and spreading the word — sending your survey results to newspapers and talk radio shows coast to coast — appearing on talk radio and TV to take our case directly to the American people.
  • Newspaper, Radio and TV Ads – As much as we’d like, TCC can’t be everywhere. So, if we can raise enough funds, TCC will supplement our media educational outreach with a series of hard-hitting newspaper, radio, and hopefully TV ads. These ads will reach millions more conservative activists to join you and me on the front lines of the fight to turn our country around.

It was TCC who helped President Reagan win the Cold War…it was TCC who helped repeal the unfair Catastrophic Coverage Tax…it was TCC who helped defeat “Hillarycare”…it was TCC that help block President Bush’s amnesty plan…and it was TCC that was a constant thorn in Obama’s side.

Establishing a culture of giving is important to us, and we want to make sure giving is always a part of our efforts.

Wonder Causes. Through Wonder Causes, we’re helping raise funds to support causes by highlighting various nonprofit organizations and projects with shared values. We are honored to support and work with the homeschool students of the Wonder Honor Society to help us find causes to support with shared values of biblical character and principles. They’ve organized a team of volunteers to find causes, including homeschool programs, mission trips, youth groups, food pantries, pregnancy centers, homelessness services, and local nonprofits serving the poor, fatherless, widows, youth, adults, elderly, preborn babies, and more.

Wonder Fund. Through our Wonder Fund, we seek to provide resources, programs, and events for individuals within the faith community who are poor, fatherless, or widowed (James 1:27); minimize the cost of our local music, arts, and enrichment programs for all families, but particularly those with financial hardship; and offer scholarships and financial gifts to homeschool seniors across the country for post-secondary, trade, technical school, or entrepreneurship.

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Paying it Forward financially helps the Cause you're supporting and provides free calendars for families who can't afford them.
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