Welcome and thank you for being a Wonder Cause for the 2024 Big Plans Calendar Fundraiser. We are honored to host this fundraiser to highlight causes like yours and hope this helps you share more about what you do. We’re excited to support your cause by helping you raise funds to accomplish your mission in the communities you serve and with the resources you provide. We’re grateful for this opportunity and pray it will bless all participants.

As we prepare for the fundraiser, we want to make sure you are informed and in the loop. In addition to reading details on the Causes Information Page, you can expect to receive occasional emails with other resources to support your cause, once you are selected in an order. We will do our best to provide clear, concise, and timely information to you in all our communications.

– The Homeschool Students of the Wonder Honor Society


2024 Big Plans Fundraiser
Date: December 1-31, 2023



When a calendar is purchased using your Cause Page or if you cause is selected when a calendar is purchased from the main page, you will be credited a percentage of the calendar sale. 50% of the profit from the calendar sale will be donated to your cause. Donations will be made after the fundraiser period is over and all orders are fulfilled. Once your Cause is selected in a calendar order, you will need to confirm your information for your donation to be processed.

We’d like to see your cause shared with those for community and support find this event and share it with their friends. Below are some tips to help us spread the word.

Basic Promotion Ideas

  • Target Audience: All demographics and family sizes; those who support causes with biblical values
  • Website: Add fundraiser on your website
  • Email: View Wonder Email and easily forward it or recreate the content to fit your network
  • Share Post on FB & IG: Re-post original post OR graphic with your own content on personal feed and/or business page.
  • Share through Stories: Re-share several times between now and the final day on FB + IG Stories — stories have better visibility than posts
  • FB GroupsShare original posts (parent, mamas, freedom, faith-based, homeschool groups)
  • Text Blast: Send text and a final days  minute Monday text blast (minimum)
  • Tagging: Tagging is helpful in tracking effectiveness.
  • Any other ideas? Pass the good ones along!

Establishing a culture of giving is important to us, and we want to make sure giving is always a part of our efforts.

Wonder Causes. Through Wonder Causes, we’re helping raise funds to support causes by highlighting various nonprofit organizations and projects with shared values. We are honored to support and work with the homeschool students of the Wonder Honor Society to help us find causes to support with shared values of biblical character and principles. They’ve organized a team of volunteers to find causes, including homeschool programs, mission trips, youth groups, food pantries, pregnancy centers, homelessness services, and local nonprofits serving the poor, fatherless, widows, youth, adults, elderly, preborn babies, and more.

Wonder Fund. Through our Wonder Fund, we seek to provide resources, programs, and events for individuals within the faith community who are poor, fatherless, or widowed (James 1:27); minimize the cost of our local music, arts, and enrichment programs for all families, but particularly those with financial hardship; and offer scholarships and financial gifts to homeschool seniors across the country for post-secondary, trade, technical school, or entrepreneurship.

Wonder Causes receive 50% of the profit from each calendar purchased. Purchase a 2024 Big Plans Calendar today to help Wonder raise $2 million for causes with shared values and $1 million in scholarships and grants for home-educated highschool seniors.

More causes are coming soon. Submit a cause.